Twenty six years ago, Bonnie Templin began the summer program that has since grown into Fun in the Sun. As a teacher and the mother of two children, she was looking for a way to spend summer time with her children and have a summer job. To this end, she began providing summer care for a small group of children who were friends of her own children.They had so much fun together that she was soon getting requests for summer care from additional families, more than she could accommodate by herself. She then asked Dora, a friend as well as another teacher and the mother of a young child to join her in this casual summer care program.History repeated itself, at which time Heidi, again a friend, teacher, and mother, joined Bonnie and Dora. The program continued to grow so in the summer of 2002, Bonnie, Dora, and Heidi moved their summer care program from their homes to Grace Epiphany Episcopal Church in East Mt. Airy where they continued to provide a quality, relaxed, nurturing alternative to traditional summer camp. In 2009 all of this fun moved to The Crefeld School. In 2010, they added a 2nd drop off location: The Plymouth Swim club. In 2015 they moved from Chestnut Hill back to Mount Airy to The Unitarian Society of Germantown (USG).